Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life on tour officially begins!

For those who don't know, I am currently on tour with So-Gnar and crew for their annual Snowboard Camp Tour throughout the Midwest, PA, Japan, and the West Coast until the middle of April.  Tour started in CO at Woodward@Copper and Loveland, but it wasn't official for me until we packed seven heads + gear into a Club Wagon and headed towards Minneapolis, MN.  We were planning on leaving on Wednesday night, but due to a shit storm of bad weather in Nebraska and Iowa, we didn't leave until 3:30 Friday morning.  Smart move made by Señor Milbery because as we rolled carelessly down the highway we counted close to 100+ cars littered along the ditch, some rolled over on their roofs and a few 18-wheelers on their sides as well.  Our seven-passenger van and trailer wouldn't have stood a chance and would have been more of a sail than a vehicle.  Once in MN, we immediately hit the ski hill(and I emphasize the word hill), Buck Hill to begin the park building process.  We built until 6:30am and ended up crashing out in the lodge at the base of the mountain hill, only to wake up 30 minutes later to 15 or so campers and parents walking around our lifeless bodies.  Camp went well, but the highlight of the weekend was definitely the Mall of America.  We were like fat kids let loose in a candy store with Roseanne Barr as our guide.  This place is fucking insane!  4.2 million sq ft. to adventure and people watch.  I will tell you one thing, I have never seen so many grown-ass adults wearing YOLO shit.

Best thing so far was our Christmas dinner at an Asian all-you-can-eat buffet.  It reminded me of the scene in A Christmas Story, Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra,  ra-ra-ra-ra....

Monday, December 24, 2012

First cover suckas!!!

This December has been one of the best years of my life.  My faith and confidence in my photography has slipped substantially over the past few months, but has been quickly turned around by landing my first cover.  I always expected my first cover to be on a smaller local mag or something cute like that, but when I got the news that a photo I took last February of Milbs will be blessing the front cover of Transworld Business I lost my freaking mind!  Seriously, 3am and I was jumping around my room like a pre-teen girl who just got a surprise call from JTT.  Keep your peepers peeled during SIA for this gem!

Read the whole issue here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Never Heard of Ya

Over the past few months I have gotten the privilege of getting to know Gus and Chris, more commonly known as Input and Broken.  I officially met Gus at Winter Park for last years SoGnar Shred Circuit finals and realized I had already gotten a photo of him published in Snowboard Colorado Magazine a few months prior.  We talked a little that day and again after running into each other at Larimer Lounge, turns out the guy wasn't some cocky asshole and was a pretty normal dude who worked at DIA.  With hp hop running strong through my blood stream over the past 15 years I'm always a bit skeptical when I meet a 'rapper', but the magic this guy creates is phenomenal!  Assisted by Broken, a complete magician on a drum machine and backed with a resumé including creations for Astronautalis, the combination of these two monsters is near perfection.  Good people who make damn good music, how could you go wrong?  This past Saturday I came down from shooting at Woodward@Copper to shoot their record release party.  I have seen these guys play at least five or six times now, but the energy of this show was unbelievable.  They had their homies, Sims from Doomtree and Astronautalis opening and then came on stage with The Epilogues, a live band, and absolutely destroyed the Marquis Theater!  I can't say enough about Input and Broken, so let's just say these boys are nice!  And if you haven't heard of them, don't worry, they've Never Heard of Ya either....

Pick up Never Heard of Ya at

And so it begins.....

What better way to start off my first blog than with an incredibly talented musician who has been an important ingredient to pulling me out of a shit mood since I first discovered his music.  I have always been a hip hop fan, but when my ears were first blessed with the sounds of Pigeon John, I was hooked. The uplifting beats, the quicker tempo, the comedic relief in his lyrics and at the same time, the seriousness and how easy it was to relate to him, creates such a unique and positive vibe and is the reason the album 'Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party' is the most played album in my music arsenal.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting John at Cervante's along with Sunspot Jonz and their DJ, Kruse.  It was the day after Halloween so there were literally only a dozen or so heads in the crowd, but that didn't stop anyone from delivering an amazing performance and absolutely killing it!  The stage presence of John is inhuman, something like a character from a 1950's TV comedy.  The combination of the three put together is beyond compatible and is entirely unique.  Big thank you to So-Gnar for lining up the show and the opportunity to meet-n-greet, and of course a huge thank you to John, Susnpot and Kruse!